Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Workplace/Payroll Giving is a very simple system designed for employees to make regular contributions to the community from their pay, through their company's payroll.

At least 80c in every $1 given for the community to United Way in this way gets to the coal face of local recipient charities.

These donations earn the donor a tax credit amounting to one third of the total gift, i.e. 33.3 cents for every dollar donated. Most employers/companies choose to match the payroll gifts of their employees. This becomes a great incentive towards consistent generosity.

Donors can start or stop donating at any time. Just let your employers and UWNZ know.

Please click here to download the Payroll Giving Form.

Workplace Giving

Matched Giving

In order to encourage charitable giving companies will often "match" your gift-thereby doubling your gift to United Way. Some will even "double-match" your donations to triple the impact of your original donation. This is a great way to both encourage staff participation and to make a lasting difference through United Way.