Workplace Giving
United Way NZ believes all individuals and families should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. And since everyone has a role to play in removing barriers and making this a reality, at United Way NZ our mission is to mobilise individuals, businesses and government so that together we can address society’s most pressing needs.

United Way NZ is a not for profit organisation, our focus is on establishing education, income and health as the building blocks of a good life.

How does Workplace Giving work?

Workplace Giving allows employees to receive immediate tax benefits from their donations each payday. The amount of the tax credit on payroll donations is 33.33 cents for each dollar. For example, a $30 fortnightly donation to your favourite charity only takes about $20 out of your pay packet.

To receive your donation, charities apply to United Way NZ for grants through a strict application process and must adhere to funding guidelines and performance outcomes. All charities are also monitored and audited annually, so you definitely know your donation is going to the right place and is helping the right people!

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