Workplace Champion

Be A Champion Of Change

A “Workplace Champion” is someone that encourages others, that helps build awareness of the work provided in the community by United Way. Spread the message on social media such as; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram. We encourage you to speak with friends and family and organise workplace fundraising to encourage community volunteering and participation.

Employee Engagement
The UWNZ Corporate Connect programme offers a structured and meaningful engagement for employees from our Corporate Partners to improve community spaces, and experience first-hand the difference their donation makes.

Skilled Volunteering
Contribute your expertise to help our team and/or our Community Partners on a range of projects. It can make a huge impact – see our advice on how to approach skilled volunteering.

Day of Action
Each year on and around June 21, communities around the world come together to harness the volunteer spirit and improve the conditions in which they live. Day of Action is an opportunity for communities to come together and address the issues that matter most to them. For some, it’s stuffing backpacks full of books to encourage reading and improve early literacy. For others, it’s planting community gardens to foster civic pride and promote affordable, healthy eating.

United Way New Zealand is here to help you become a Champion of change. Please contact us for more information