Art with Heart

Art Donation Fundraiser to empower young people 

United Way NZ is delighted to be the recipient of a stunning piece of art for auction; the work has been painted and gifted by a young woman with an amazing heart for others. In response to the senseless Mosque attacks, Tamara Grant began expressing her emotions in the best way she knew how – painting.

At just 19, Tamara is a young woman on a mission! She is the founder of Xabilities, a network that celebrates difference and works toward creating a world where everyone can live without fear of judgement and reach their full potential. She is also a Youth Ambassador for YES Disabilities where she helps to lobby Parliament and communities for the rights of those with invisible disabilities like autism and dyslexia.

We are very grateful to Tamara for donating her original artwork to this auction. 80% of the proceeds will go to our Hearts@Work programme helping Christchurch charities who support young people and 20% will go to Tamara for her youth advocacy work.

If you would like this wonderful iconic painting on your wall...

The auction is closing very soon here.

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