Aspire Canterbury is inspiring independent living

Aspire Canterbury aims to support people with any impairment or long-term health issues. Aspire aims to help these people get on with their lives, to be able to do what they want and live with freedom and independence. 

Aspire offers a range of services to the Canterbury community, including:

  • Free and un-bias disability and health information and advice
  • Updates on local and regional events and notices
  • Mobile Service Christchurch and the Wider Canterbury region
  • Total Mobility Scheme provider
  • Attends continence product service
  • Range of assistive products that support daily living
  • Fieldworkers network meetings

These services are provided to the community by Aspire staff and their volunteers. Each worker at Aspire wants to make sure no person is left unseen. They aim to provide assistance in living and health education to make sure people in need understand the outlets they can turn to in an emergency.


During the Covid-19 lockdown, Aspire Canterbury used their ingenuity to create a safe system to make sure they could still support their community without putting anyone at risk of spreading Covid-19. Aspire worked to deliver food to people's front doors and underwent a big office move to a more safer area. Aspire Canterbury undertook phone consultations and made sure the people in their community still felt supported and looked after.

Aspire Staff Profile:

Nathan is a volunteer at Aspire. Before volunteering for Aspire, Nathan worked in the Gold Coast, Australia running his own roofing business. At the age of 18, Nathan suffered a stroke and had to re-learn to walk. However, he didn't let this beat him. Nathan is currently studying to be a support worker at ARA and working at Aspire Canterbury. Nathan is using his experiences to positively impact lives.

It is amazing workers such as Nathan that make charities such as Aspire sparkle. Thank you Aspire Canterbury for all you do for people in the Canterbury region.