'HOPE' for Christchurch

There are many people who have been affected by the horrific act of violence in Christchurch on 15/3/2019 when 50 New Zealanders were killed.

For the last 20 years, United Way NZ has been a donation manager for individual donors and The Tindall Foundation in Christchurch. Over this time we have evaluated and built up a network of Canterbury charities. We have first hand knowledge of the small to medium sized charities who are providing effective ongoing post trauma support for the victims, families and community of Christchurch.  

Messages are rolling in from United Way donors...."This is your home, please know there is caring and love here for you. My heart breaks for what you have had to endure, my prayers and thoughts are with you". 

United Way NZ will work efficiently and effectively with our networks to  promptly distribute the donations received. We will engage our transparent processes, to ensure 100% for the Christchurch donations meet the needs in the community. A post donation report will be sent to every donor by email, with information of where the donations have been distributed. 

If you would like to assist, please donate here and we will pass on any messages for the people of Christchurch. 

Teresa Moore
CEO - United Way New Zealand


Background information about the Christchurch tragedy

Fifty people have been killed and many people injured after a gunman stormed two Christchurch mosques in the worst terror attack on New Zealand soil.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said this was an "unprecedented" situation and described it as a terrorist attack.  'We in NZ represent diversity, kindness and compassion and a home for those who share those values".  

Police Commissioner Mike Bush called the shootings "abhorrent".  Speaking about the victims, he said: "Our love and thoughts go out to them and all of their family, all of their friends and all of their loved ones.


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