In the last ten years over 249 community charities have been supported by United Way.  This collective impact has mobilised over 9421 volunteers within the community. 

United Way New Zealand are currently inviting submissions for fund management opportunities, corporate/business sponsorship, payroll giving and donations to support charities making a social difference in Otago. 

United Way would like to thank The Tindall Foundation, Mercy Hospital and the Otago Polytechnic Charity House project for contributing to the United Way Community Funding in Otago. This collective fund makes a real difference to the Otago Charities, doing necessary community work in our region.   

These photos are from the 2018 awards evening in Dunedin, hosted by the Otago Polytechnic and Dunedin City Council. 

Region News

Otago Polytechnic Charity House Auction

The Otago Polytechnic charity house auction raised $110,000...

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2018 Otago Community Awards Recipients

United Way New Zealand would like to thank Otago Polytechnic and Dunedin City Council for hosting the 2018 United Way...

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Thank you from Dunedin Community Transport Trust

The trustees of Dunedin Community Transport Trust, our staff...

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United Way are proud to support the Dunedin Night Shelter

The Shelter housed 99 individuals, 85 men and 14 women, for a total of 260 bednights, in the months July...

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20 Years of Life Education in Heartland Otago/Southland!

United Way would like to say a big congratulations to Life Education Trust for 20 years of valuable work in...

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John Gallaher

United Way would like to introduce our Chairman of the Board, John Gallaher. Thank you, John, for your work in...

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