United Way New Zealand has built on the 3 main focus areas in order to fulfil the needs of communities. 

  1. Health and Wellbeing. When it comes to accessing health services, a person’s postcode should never be a deterrent to success, nor should it be a barrier to improved health. Yet for many, that’s a daily reality. Good health is essential for success in life, that's why we've made it a priority. 

  2. Education and Skills. Too many children and youth lack the support they need to strengthen their literacy, stay on track in school, graduate high school and find a career. Our work in this area lays the foundations for success through life.

  3. Housing and Financial Stability. In communities around the country, individuals and families are facing financial obstacles that prevent a good quality of life. We support charities that reduce unemployment, improve financial illiteracy, and decrease homelessness.