Reading Oasis


The goal of the Reading Oasis programme is to give every child the opportunity to develop a love for reading, positively affecting their ability to learn throughout school and beyond.  

Research indicates that particular literacy practices may help children in early childhood services strengthen their literacy competency so they can make a successful transition to formal schooling. These practices can be found in the range of literacy activities children engage in throughout the day. There is an increasing number of NZ children with below average reading skills, so we aim to help.

How can I support the United Way Reading Oasis Project?

Volunteer - Schools currently needing reading volunteers are Northcote Primary School, Northcote, Auckland and Carisbrook School, South Dunedin.

Adopt a school! We are looking for individuals, businesses, companies, and communities to ‘adopt’ a school that needs this support.   The cost to set up and co-ordinate a programme is NZ$14,000pa.


Will you volunteer?

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