Support Youth Suicide prevention

Donate for youth mental health support and youth suicide prevention.  The current Covid–19 situation is having a dramatic and negative effect on the young people we support at Youth in Transition, some of whom are in desperate situations.

Youth in transition are supporting 180 vulnerable young people who can be experiencing a sense of alienation and loneliness and currently they are not able to come to the office which is often their “Safe Space” or have physical contact, face to face counselling or attend peer support groups has added hugely to their anxiety, putting them even more at risk.

Family situations are a crisis in their own way – Young people are now having to spend considerable lengths of time with their families. Since we entered level 4 lockdown, one young person has been subjected to violence, abuse and extreme levels of stress from a drunken and mentally unwell single mother and was unable to reach out to us for help.

Counselling is being provided over the phone or via Skype/Zoom to keep in touch with distressed young people. 

Financial implications – Several of our young people are unable to pay rent or have food. Landlords are threatening to evict these young people. It is proving really difficult to get assistance from WINZ as they are overloaded and are only offering a limited service, the foodbanks we usually go to are also completely overstretched.

Major funders are not accepting applications at present and Youth In Transition have also lost a valuable stream of income through the closure of our OP shop which was paying for a counsellor’s salary. If this continues they will have to lay off staff.

Youth In Transition. They are a charitable trust that is dedicated to helping young people find a life worth living. Offering high-quality affordable counseling to the community, this charity has already helped hundreds of young people aged 10-24 and their families.

Youth in Transition is a group of skilled, dedicated and passionate people committed to supporting any young person, their family and close friends, on that journey – for however long it may take.

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