United Way Worldwide

2017-2018 Revenue / Areas of Growth

United Way Worldwide raised $US 4.63 billion in 2017-2018 to fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in every community. Of that total, $3.53 billion was raised in the U.S. and $ 1.10 billion internationally. We remain the largest mission-driven nonprofit in the world.

Several Markets are Experiencing Growth & Focusing on Impact:

• Many United Ways have experienced growth by deepening connections with individuals, companies and institutions to accelerate their impact work.

• The workplace campaign and individual gifts remain the core of our fundraising, and some United Ways have also found ways to supplement that core with impact-driven grants from foundations or corporations.

• United Way has the ability to frame our impact work in ways that resonate with individual donors, for example our 'Young/Emerging Leaders' funding grew 4.9% over the last year.

United Way Worldwide's digital transformation is well underway. In June, Salesforce Philanthropy Cloud became available to businesses. Through Philanthropy Cloud, United Ways will have the opportunity to be the community campaign again, but this time by connecting directly with active and engaged donors, fostering innovation and creating change at scale. As an extension of the Workplace Campaign, it will enable us to build greater community connections and cohesion and empower people to help their community.

The future looks bright, but we have a lot of work to do. It’s a future built on technology and digital platforms, individual engagement and a consistent brand experience. It’s a future built on re-growing giving and volunteerism.

For more than 130 years, United Way has proudly evolved to support and make the greatest impact in communities. We pair need with resources to tackle challenging problems in sustainable ways. When we articulate a clear connection between our donors’ interests and our impact work, revenue grows. When we work together as One Network and One Brand, speaking with One Voice, we become the go-to social impact platform for donors and further fulfill our promise to fight for every person in every community.

UWW vision and mission

United Way is an independent, non-religious not-for-profit organisation which improves community outcomes in education, financial literacy and health. We do this by brokering resources such as funding and volunteer resource between individuals, businesses and community organisations.