Volunteering & Resources

United Way New Zealand connects money, time and resources with local communities.


Employee Volunteering: United Way offers meaningful engagement for your employees to experience first-hand the difference volunteering can make. We invite your business to contribute your employees time and expertise to help pre-selected charities with a range of projects. 

Resource Donation: What one person is discarding may be another persons treasure, so we have chosen to facilitate a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle opportunity. Does your company have a printer, computer or office furniture they are wanting to upgrade? Do you have blankets for the homeless? We have community groups in need of basic resources you may no longer require.  

Virtual Volunteering:The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected our community charities considerably. Most charities do a lot of one on one counselling and support within the community. This now has to be done on line. If you can help with professional skills or with phone calls etc to clients to see if they need any support, please contact United Way NZ and we may be able to match you with an appropriate charity in your region. 

Will you volunteer?